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By Santiago Fernández Following our series on pioneer artists creating art outside the limits imposed by gravity, it´s time to discover Arthur Woods. Unlike the artists previously mentioned on this blog, Kitsou Dubois and Frank Pietronigro, Woods didn’t fly on any parabolic flight. His art was the one to travel outside Planet Earth. Some History […]

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ART IN ZERO GRAVITY: Frank Pietronigro

By Santiago Fernández Frank Pietronigro is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and artist. He studied at the University of Arts in Philadelphia. During his college years, back in the seventies, he fantasized to create paintings that floated in mid-air. In 1998, on NASA´s KC135 aircraft, he fulfilled his dream with Project 33 during a parabolic flight. […]

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By Santiago Fernández Kitsou Dubois is a French dancer and instructor that have always wanted to communicate and enlarge the “dance space”. Whether through choreography in unusual places, experiments with new movements or her teaching to diverse groups of people. Her academic research in the discipline lead her to the prestigious National Center for Scientific […]

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Quantum Art Lab, Art, Science & Technology

Quantum Art Lab is an interdisciplinary group formed by artists, technologists and scientists interested in establishing bridges between mechanics, quantum computation and art, directing its action to artistic reflection and creation, inspired by the contributions of this paradoxical branch of scientific knowledge with great philosophical relay: the emptiness, the discretization of the intimate substance of […]

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