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“Time frame IN Mobile. CROSSING_ OVER ON THE IMAGINARY TO THE INTANGIBLE REALITY.”* by Miguel Petchkovsky**?

The Antarctic Biennale has open new boundaries within a framework of the perception of time and physical (yet imaginary) space in which the reality was fluid and dense at the same time, alerting our senses to the wonder of nature, intangible by any definition.

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Notes from the Akademic Sergej Vavilov, Antarctica* by Barbara Imhof**

Today is the last day on board. The day presents itself truly majestic, mild and very sunny. Now, in the afternoon we have a great view of Cape Horn, the most Southern tip of the American continent. In my childhood, when my brother and I looked at the atlas, we had speculated how Cape Horn would look like.

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“The ‘Reverse Biennale’: Humpback choreography, Calving soundtrack and a philosophical discourse with the gentle Gentoos”* by Susmita Mohanty**

The Antarctic Biennale being the 1st cultural expedition to the icy continent, I wondered about the response of the Antarctic residents, its wildlife primarily, to our well-intentioned transgression. We were carrying with us an urban notion of culture and the arts. I was curious to see if it would be met with amusement, resistance or […]

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“Pure Contemplation Idea”* by Alexander Sekatsky**

Dear colleagues, penguins, and albatrosses who have sided with them! Please let me give you a small lecture. To begin with, pure contemplation should be differentiated from cognition as a special type of phenomenon, or if you will, a special vocation. Instead of drawing a historical and philosophical perspective, I shall do the following. Let […]

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