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Talk: ” Art and its Perception Outside the Planet Earth”

The talk “Art, science and technology: the future of artistic production and the aesthetic perception outside of the planet Earth” will be presented by  Albert Barqué-Duran (artist and researcher of the City, University of London) and  Marc Marzenit (musician, composer and music producer).

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In the framework of STEAMConf Barcelona 2018. Quo Artis Foundation joins this initiative to encourage and support women through the example of Ada Lovelace´s life story (London, 1815-1852), the first woman programmer in history.

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Debate: “Art and Aesthetic Perception Outside the Planet Earth”

How do production and the perception of art change when we are not restricted by the laws and physical frameworks that the planet Earth imposes us? This debate invites us to reflect on what it means to leave our planet and also debate about the future of humanity.

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