Month: March 2018

1st Antarctic Biennale

Quo Artis Foundation is the producer of the 1º Antarctic Biennale, a supranational and intercultural art project that brought together leading artists from around the world to explore the future of Antarctica and deep oceans through artistic means. The art expedition started in Ushuaia, the southernmost city of our planet, on March 17 2017.   The expedition visited numerous […]

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Quantum Art Lab

Since the beginning of the 20th century, quantum mechanics has radically changed the scientific vision of reality and has propelled numerous shortcuts within art. In the quantum world, a particle can be in several places at the same time; it can go through a wall; and in the case of Schrödinger’s famous cat experiment, the cat […]

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The Whater project is a citizen science initiative with the objective of investigating the quality of bottled water in plastic containers and how this material influences its properties.
A Quo Artis and Eurecat collaboration

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