Quantum Art Lab, Art, Science & Technology

Quantum Art Lab is an interdisciplinary group formed by artists, technologists and scientists interested in establishing bridges between mechanics, quantum computation and art, directing its action to artistic reflection and creation, inspired by the contributions of this paradoxical branch of scientific knowledge with great philosophical relay: the emptiness, the discretization of the intimate substance of the universe, the randomness and essential indetermination, the superposition of quantum states, the entanglement of particles, the coherence, the supersymmetry, the quantum gates and oracles; all of them, fundamental pieces of an infinite puzzle, that lead us to rethink the essential elements which we use to understand our existence. Concepts such as time, history and identity.

Quantum Art Lab Committee

Dr. José Manuel Berenguer
Dr. Rolf Tarrach

Tatiana Kourochkina
Alfonso Rubio-Manzanares

Committee of artists, scientists and technologists: