Month: May 2017

The Antarctic Biennale

Antony Bourdain. Parts Unknown
Frederick Bernas

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A salvare il mondo dai virus sarĂ  il robot Glaciator

Corriere Della Sera
B. Gasperini

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“About the Antarctic Biennale”* by Lisen Schultz**

What interests me about the Antarctic Biennale is its potential to explore, question and create human-nature relationships. We are now a dominant species on the planet, currently destroying our own home in the universe. Many of us have mentally separated ourselves from nature, and made nature into an object that we may admire, protect or […]

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From A Diary in Antarctica* by Wakana Kono**?

From A Diary on 19 March on the vessel …Sofia gave me an envelope fromAustralian artist Tom Blake, who will show his project at the Antarctic Pavilion during the 57th Venice Biennale of Art. I met Tom in January in Tokyo, when he was invited to the artist in residence in Hokkaido. He told me […]

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