Making Music in Space

In the midst of the space technology revolution – space tourism is expected to race within the next two years – a new generation of artists is wondering: Does art make sense outside the Earth? What will human culture be like in space?

On both sides of the Atlantic and without knowing each other, Nicole L’Huilier (researcher and artist at MIT Space Exploration Initiative) and Zero Gravity Band(The project of researcher and artist Albert Barqué-Duran and DJ and producer Marc Marzenit) have been asking themselves these questions and developing their respective projects.

In Boston, Nicole L’Huilier created the Telemetrón, an experimental musical instrument made to perform music (and explore poetic possibilities) in zero gravity conditions. In London and Barcelona, Albert Barqué and Marc Marzenit conceived The Zero Gravity Band, a project that investigate tools to create art in Space, without the restrictions of the physical laws imposed by the planet Earth.

In this session the three researchers and artists will explain their experience interpreting music in zero gravity conditions, how aerospace technology can be a field for artistic expression, and imagine possible futures outside the Earth with their cultural implications beyond mere survival.