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From A Diary in Antarctica

By Wakana Kono.
…Sofia gave me an envelope fromAustralian artist Tom Blake, who will show his project at the Antarctic Pavilion during the 57th Venice Biennale of Art. I met Tom in January in Tokyo, when he was invited to the artist in residence in Hokkaido.

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“Glaciator” is an art installation placed in Antarctica, composed of solar robots that help to compact and crystallise the snow by turning it into ice, then adhering it to the glacier mass. As glaciers´ice melting is the most alarming effect of global warming, the mission of these robots is to help and accelerate the ice formation process on glaciers, allowing them to grow with the addition of snow turned into ice, regaining the mass they have lost as a result of the thaw. “Glaciator’s” ultimate purpose is to raise awareness about climate change, ice-melting and its consequences for the planet.

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