Quo Artis at Maker Art. October, 2019

18-20 October 2019
Friday 14 – 19h, Saturday & Sunday 10 – 19h
Via Portuense 1645-1647
00148 Roma RM

Art is a grand engine for raising awareness and making an analysis of the vast changes that characterise our time. In particular, art that uses technology is not only important today for the cultural world, but for society in general.

In the frame of Maker Art – a project curated by Valentino Catricalà– our usual collaborator, artist Joaquín Fargas, will be presenting Glaciator a robot that helps to compact and crystallize the snow, delaying its thaw.

Glaciator was produced by Quo Artis especially for the Art & Science Expedition to Antarctica in 2017 and has received the Ars Electronica Honorary Mention in the category of Hybrid Arts (2017).


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