Quo Artis "Guidelines for An Emotional Cartography of a Garden" at Sismògraf Festival, Olot. 13-16 April, 2023

13-16 April, 2023

Olot, La Garrotxa


Quo Artis collaborates with Sismògraf Festival with the publication Guidelines for An Emotional Cartography of a Garden.

This publication was originally created in the framework of Roots & Seeds XXI: Biodiversity Crisis and Plant Resistance. An international cooperation project between Ars Electronica (AT), Leonardo-OLATS (FR), University of Barcelona (ES) and Quo Artis (ES) as lead partner.

Imagine that you can never get out of where you are. Imagine that you can see without eyes, hear without ears, speak and shout without a mouth. Imagine that your brain lives beneath the ground. Imagine that your mind is not one, but thousands. Imagine that you are not one, but multiples. Imagine you are a plant.
Guidelines for an emotional cartography of a garden is a booklet that makes us rethink our relationship with botany, a playful and recreational tool designed to connect us with plants, to immerse us in the plant kingdom.
The Guidelines for an emotional cartography of a garden will be distributed at the information point in Sismògraf’s Epicentre while copies last. Come and pick one up!


Text: Gabino Carballo for an activity carried out by Quo Artis / Illustrations: Pedro Strukelj / Design: Vero Santana

About Sismògraf Festival

Sismògraf is the festival that detects movement of the body and of the planet.

Of the body because it covers dance, circus acts, performances, walks and hybrid situations; and of the planet because there is no doubt that we live on a living planet with volcanic eruptions and rising sea levels that we must listen to.

It is a conscious festival, which places value on social and environmental responsibility, both within its team, in its organisation and in its programming.

It is a situated festival that reaches out from La Garrotxa to the rest of the world. For this very reason, the landscape is an integral part of the festival, landscape understood as a physical, mental and emotional setting, and as a place where things happen.

Sismògraf asserts its uniqueness while also opening up to the world with all its complexity. The artistic programme wishes to lend a voice to the social, environmental and relational challenges of our society.

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© Photos by: Martí Albesa Castañer. Courtesy of Festival Sismògraf 2023


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