Debate: “Art and Aesthetic Perception Outside the Planet Earth”

Day: February 23th
Time: 18:15
Place: Former Damn Factory (C/Rosselló, 515, 08025 Barcelona)
Language: English

Free admission with limited capacity. Click here to register.

How do production and the perception of art change when we are not restricted by the laws and physical frameworks that the planet Earth imposes us? This debate invites us to reflect on what it means to leave our planet and also debate about the future of humanity. A team of artists and scientists will present their studies and research, share their objectives of producing the first work of art (plastic and musical) designed to be experienced outside the planet Earth, in conditions of zero gravity and discuss all the possible cultural implications that all of this may entail.


Elisa R. Ferrè

PhD in Neuroscience, director of VeME Lab (Vestibular Multisensory Embodiment) and professor o the Department of Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London. The VeME Lab directs research work on how the brain computes gravity and how gravity itself shapes our perceptual experiences. Her most recent work talks about how gravity affects aesthetic judgments. Her research is sponsored by national and international agencies, such as the European Space Agency (ESA).



Albert Barqué-Duran

Doctor in Cognitive Sciences for the City, Univeristy of London and Contemporary Artist. He directs disruptive projects at the intersection of art and science with the aim of finding new formats for generating scientific knowledge to reflect on contemporary and futurist issues and their cultural implications. Dr. Barqué-Duran has presented his projects at Sónar + D (Barcelona), Creative Reactions (London), Cambridge Neuroscience Society (Cambridge), Max Planck (Berlin), SciArt Center (New York).


Marc Marzenit

Electronic music composer, engineer and sound producer. Marc takes electronic music beyond the dance floor with projects such as “Suite on Clouds”, a visual 3D show with 8 violinists, 1 harp, symphonic percussion, several synthesizers and a grand piano. These projects are based on his classical training and show an integrated vision of electronic music: combining acoustic, analog and digital instruments in the same show.



Barbara Imhof

Co-founder of LIQUIFER Systems Group, architect, researcher, educator and journalist based in Vienna, Austria. Establishing and defining the field of space architecture in Austria, Dr. Imhof carries out an active transdisciplinary research with experts in the fields of systems engineering, space technology, human factors, habitability, architecture and spatial design.