Do robots gossip? These fictitious conscious robots share user’s data and gossip with their information in this playful work that analyzes our relationship with machines. (More info below)

Data Gossiping Robots is sold in pairs to allow their interaction. If you wish to purchase a different number, please get in touch with us at






More information:

Monica Rikić’s Data Gossiping Robots is inspired by Robin Dunbar’s ideas, which state that gossip appeared as a fundamental tool to create social and relational bonds that allowed the cooperation of large groups and the subsequent birth of societies as we know them today. This work playfully analyzes our role and responsibility in the new techno-social paradigm, and aims to simulate spaces where technology is the container and generator of new social constructions.The original work was commissioned by and originally presented at Mobile Week Barcelona 2019.

Rikić’s artistic practice is developed around the social impact of technology, collective artificial intelligence, human-machine-human relationship and speculative social simulations. And during the past years she has been working on a series of futuristic, fictional and interactive narratives that explore the possibility that robots evolve as a group on a social and emotional level, imagining the possibilities resulting from this condition.

Technical information:

  • Dimensions: 19 x 19 x 3.5-10 cm
  • Handmade robotic device, composed of a Raspberry Pi, an LCD screen, a DC motor, and one speaker. Its body is made with colored methacrylate and 3D printed pieces.

Data Gossiping Robots are sold in pairs (2.000€) to allow their interaction. If you wish to acquire a different amount of robots please get in touch with us at

Each pair will be made upon demand and collectors will be able to personalize their robots in collaboration with the artist. Please allow 15 days for the order to be shipped.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm

Blue, Red, White, Yellow

Color 2

Blue, Red, White, Yellow