mEat me (the dish) by Theresa Schubert

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For mEat me, Theresa Schubert employed innovative biotechnologies to produce artificially grown meat from her own cells. (More info below)


This Limited Edition is available in different sizes and finishes:

30 x 30 cm (Edition of 50):  Paper 300€  Dibond 400€

60 x 60 cm (Edition of 25):  Paper 550€  Dibond 850€

80 x 80 cm (Edition of 10):  Paper 1.500€  Dibond 1.800€



More information:

In collaboration with Educell laboratory, the artist multiplied cells from a biopsy of her thigh muscles in a serum made from her blood. The project culminated in a performance at Kapelica Gallery (2020), in which the artist ate the meat in front of an audience.For that project, Schubert turned herself into a material and resource, breaking the societal taboo of cannibalism. By misusing technology invented with the intention to capitalize on our resources, mEat meserves as a critique of industrial farming and animal exploitation, and asks for a re-evaluation of our dealings with meat, while also touching upon the ethical aspects of laboratory processes.

In the project’s framework, Theresa Schubert presents MEAT_ON_SCAFFOLD, a limited Edition print of the artist’s in-vitro meat after having been cooked in a pan. This piece of meat, which measured approximately 1×2 cm, was a leftover from the dinner performance held by the artist in February 2020 at Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana.

Finish options:

  • Paper, Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl 320gr
  • Dibond with protective metachrylate and aluminium back frame

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80x80cm, 60x60cm, 30x30cm


Dibond+Methacrylate, Hahnemühle paper