RAMUSIO AGGIORNATO by Fernando Martín Velazco


In the illustrated chronicle corresponding to the third volume of Navigations and Travels by Giovanni Battista Ramusio (Venice in 1556), the testimony of the sailors records the concurrent presence of “more than five hundred whales” and a “considerably large” stemmed marine plant during the exploration of the American coast of the North Pacific in 1540.

This work updates this naturalistic observation with the one made by Fernando Martín Velazco during the cycle “Los Juegos del Leviatán”. In this, the swimming of gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus) between landslides of giant Kelp algae (Marocystis pyrifera) is recorded in the same season and geographical area, 480 years later.



More information:

Fernando Martín Velazco is a writer and the captain of Stultifera Navis Institutom, a platform for creative expeditions.  He coordinated the multidisciplinary research cycle with gray whales “Los Juegos del Leviatán” (2017-2021), which was awarded with the second prize of  the Quo Artis Award for production in Art, Science and Technology 2020 for the project The Maihaiowit ‘s Lullaby.

Technical information:

Ramusio aggiornato (1540-2020)

40 x 70 cm

Print Gigleé on Hahnemühle paper, Baryta 315gr

Edition of 50