TESTA MALLORCA, ESTUDI MILCAPS Codex by Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca


“Testa Mallorca”, created by Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca, is a study for the preparation of the collaborative installation MILCAPS, held during the late 2018 with the participation of a group of people with mental health disorders from the Maresme and Barcelona region and the Instituts de batxillerat artístic de Santa Anna i Satorras de Mataró and students from l’Escola Llotja de Barcelona. This project will be produced by Alterarte and the Fundaciób Setba.


26.5 x 176 cm (unfolded)

26.5 x 19.5 cm (folded)

Digital print of Pigments Giclée imprès on paper Hahnemühle Photo Matt Fiber 200g

Editio of 30

Signed and numbered.

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Weight0,5 kg
Dimensions28 × 19 × 4 cm