THYMALLUS THYMALLUS by Robertina Šebjanič


THYMALLUS THYMALLUS (Photograph) belongs to CO_SONIC 1884km2

Created by  Robertina Šebjanič, this Project presents us with a snapshot of the present time. It opens our eyes and prompts us to develop empathy towards non-human lifeforms, thereby changing our attitude to ecosystems, with a view to ensure their sustainability far into the future.


Technical info:

Dibond Mounted Print, Hahnemuhle paper

80 x 120 cm

Editions: 5 + 2 AP


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More information:

THYMALLUS THYMALLUS belongs to the project CO_SONIC 1884km2

During the summer/autumn of 2020 artist, Robertina Šebjanič followed the path of the Ljubljanica –a river located in the southern part of the Ljubljana Basin in Slovenia – recording sounds, video, and photographs of its unique biodiversity.
Being one of the most important archaeological sites in Slovenia, this river is also known as “the river of seven names”, because it appears and disappears under the ground 7 times connecting different ecosystems. Its water offers the habitat for unique species, like Proteus anguinus, endangered because of human activity.
Through the use of sounds and images of the (co)habitation of different lifeforms, this project not only tells stories about the non-human inhabitants (fish species: huchen, cactus roach, souffia, grayling and trout migrate along the river’s course) of these environments but also, more importantly, alerts us to the many ways in which humans affect aquatic environments, be it through riverbed regulation, navigation, regulation of biodiversity or exploitation of their natural resources.

The CO_SONIC 1884km2 by Robertina Šebjanič is a commissioned work by the Cukrarna Gallery, a public institution based in Ljubljana (SI), and was presented to the public in March 2021.