Project of artist: Postnature. The Future is Present.

Maja Smrekar

Maja Smrekar‘s (SI)  work has been established in the international art and science milieu. Grounded in sculpture and contemporary arts, her practice has allowed her to lead strong collaborations in developing cross-conceptual productions that include installations.

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Brandon Ballengée

Brandon Ballengée (US) is a visual artist, biologist and environmental activist. Ballengée creates transdisciplinary works of art by means of laboratory and ecological field research, focusing his work on human and non-human organisms affected by the Anthropocene.

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Joaquín Fargas

Joaquín Fargas (AR) is an artist, founder and director of the Exploratorio Arts, Science and Technology Center in Buenos Aires, and director of the LatBio Lab (Latin American BioArt Lab).

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