Quantum Art Lab

Since the beginning of the 20th century, quantum mechanics has radically modified the scientific vision of reality and has triggered numerous short circuits with art. In the quantum world, a particle can be found in several places at once; can cross a wall; and the famous Shrödinger cat can be alive and dead at the same time. The intimate behavior of matter is so anomalous that who says that it has a clear intuition of the functioning of the quantum world, surely has not understood it, according to the great physicist Richard Feynmann.

However, this discipline has systematically proved its validity. From mobile chips to magnetic resonance devices, much of the technology of the twentieth century could not be manufactured without the conclusions of quantum mechanics.

Within the framework of the Quantum World Association (QWA), Quo Artis has created the Quantum Art Lab, an artistic-scientific laboratory, made up of artists, technologists and scientists interested in establishing bridges between mechanics, quantum computing and art, and whose objective is the creation of an artistic piece.

They focus their action on reflection and artistic creation inspired by the contributions of that paradoxical branch of scientific thought and of great philosophical relevance: the emptiness, the discretization of the intimate substance of the universe, the essential randomness and indeterminacy, the superposition of states quantum, entanglement of particles, coherence, supersymmetry, quantum gates and oracles; all of them, fundamental pieces of an infinite puzzle that takes us to the rethinking of elements so essential for the understanding of our existence as for example the concepts of time, history and identity.


Dr. José Manuel Berenguer

Tatiana Kourochkina
Alfonso Rubio-Manzanares

Committee of artists, scientists and technologists
Dr. Rolf Tarrach
Dra. Sonia Fernández-Vidal
Dra. Veronica Fernández Marmol
Dr. Daniel Franco
Dr. Ricardo Iglesias
Dr. Ricard Jiménez
Dr. Iván Paz
Girolamo Sferrazza Papa
Francisco Rubio





The Foundation also plans to schedule various activities that reflect on the quantum issue.

Colloquium: “The world is Quantum. Art, Science and Quantum Technology”
Festival Barcelona Ciencia , 2018

From an interdisciplinary perspective, the speakers will talk about the world of quantum, the technologies that are derived – such as computing or what is called Blockchain – and how through art you can get to explain what the quantum will represent in our lives in the near future. This colloquium is part of the Festival Barcelona Ciencia, organized by the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona.

Alfonso Rubio-Manzanares, CEO Entaglement Partners y president of barcelonaqbit-bqb
Enrique Lizado, President of Quantum 4 Quants
Montserrat Guàrdia, President of Quantum Blockchain Alliance
José Manuel Berenguer, President of Quantum Art Lab

Oscar Sala, President de la Quantum World Association – QWA


Meeting: “Quantum Art Lab”
Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau, Barcelona, 2018

First meeting of the members of the Quantum Art Lab and a group of students of fine arts, engineering and physics in order to start the creation of the first “quantum” art work. Within the framework of the meeting, a series of three conferences was organized to frame the workshop.

Dr. Rolf Tarrach “Arte, ciencia y tecnología”
José Manuel Berenguer, “Arte y Cuántica”
Dr. Ricardo Iglesias, “Proceso creativo”

Ibai Allan, Dr. José Manuel Berenguer, Anna Cirre, Marina Collel, Dra. Verónica Fernández-Mármol, Dra. Sonia Fernández-Vidal, Dr. Daniel Franco, Ian Gehlhaar, Albert Gil, Dr. Ricardo Iglesias, Bartosz, Dr. Ricard Jiménez, Tatiana Kourochkina, Sergi Palou, Dr. Iván Paz, Alejandro Pozas, Francisco Rubio, Alfonso Rubio-Manzanares, Girolamo Sferraza, Jordi Spuny, Dr. Rolf Tarrach.