The Traveling Plant

Traveling Plant – The Veridical Travel Around The World of A True Imaginary Plant

Created by Annick Bureaud –  Leonardo/Olats (FR)
In collaboration with Tatiana Kourochkina – Quo Artis (ES), Marta de Menezes – Cultivamos Cultura (PT), curator Claudia Schnugg (AT) and artist Robertina Šebjanič (SI).

The travel around the world of a plant –real, artificial or fictive– telling her own story, the stories of other plants and living creatures (other than human and humans) that she encounters.

The Traveling Plant is a series of new artworks and events created and taking place in different times and locations around the world under the direction of a network of diverse participating organisations and curators.

This project intends to avoid anthropomorphism and anthropocentrism presenting the point of being and point of view of the plant about herself and her surroundings. The project will unfold over several years, in a slow process, in line with plant rhythms. Its format will be developed through different online and physical events, an all its possible hybrid combinations.


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Ars Electrónica Festival: Launch of the project
9 – 13 September 2020

ONLINE EVENT: The Traveling Plant “Preparatory Log Book”