D.E.P. Plàstic. The Funeral of Single-use Plastic. December, 2018

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On December 15th 2018, Palma de Mallorca was the setting for D.E.P Plàstic – Rest in Peace Plastic –, a playful, festive and participatory manifestation that staged the funeral for single-use plastic.

The natural environment of the Balearic Islands is one of the heritages with the greatest ecological and landscape value of the Mediterranean arch, with multiple international recognitions, such as the declaration of the Biosphere Reserve on the island of Menorca and the Serra de Tramuntana World Heritage Site.

D.E.P Plàstic is a form of denunciation and a show of support for the Law on Waste and Contaminated Soils, which is expected to take effect in 2021. The law aims to reduce waste and restrict the use of plastics, banning disposable or single-use products to be replaced by biodegradable materials.

The manifestation begins in the Parque de la Mar. The musical band El Niño Alcalino & The Buskers plays while a coffin made of plastic and disposable containers is being collected from the sea. The participants, mourning the death of plastic, carry some plastic element as a sign of mourning.

In its itinerary, the delegation passes before the Insular Council of Mallorca and the Plaça de Cort where it invites the environmental council of the Insular Council and the Mayor and Councilor of Palma de Mallorca to join in the manifestation. It ends in front of the Parliament, where the authorities await the arrival of the coffin. There a wreath is made and the Manifesto for a sea without plastic is read.



Whater? Balears is a collaboration between Quo Artis,
Fundació Rezero
and Per una Mar Sense Plàstic.