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Antarctic Art & Science Expedition. March, 2017

Quo Artis produced the Antarctic Art & Science Expedition, a supranational and intercultural art project to explore the future of Antarctica.

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Notes from the Akademik Sergey Vavilov, Antarctica

Today is the last day on board. The day presents itself truly majestic, mild and very sunny. Now, in the afternoon we have a great view of Cape Horn, the most Southern tip of the American continent. In my childhood, when my brother and I looked at the atlas, we had speculated how Cape Horn would look like.

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“Glaciator” is an art installation placed in Antarctica, composed of solar robots that help to compact and crystallise the snow by turning it into ice, then adhering it to the glacier mass. As glaciers´ice melting is the most alarming effect of global warming, the mission of these robots is to help and accelerate the ice formation process on glaciers, allowing them to grow with the addition of snow turned into ice, regaining the mass they have lost as a result of the thaw. “Glaciator’s” ultimate purpose is to raise awareness about climate change, ice-melting and its consequences for the planet.

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