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The Antarctic Biennale

Antony Bourdain. Parts Unknown
Frederick Bernas
A tent made of frozen cotton. A submarine built for a fish. Three pearly orbs, representing moons, floating in the sea below speedboats. A naked man planted headfirst in the snow with his legs pointing upward into the sky. A giant iceberg illuminated with a message: “Please Don’t Feed the Utopians.” […]

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“Glaciator” is an art installation placed in Antarctica, composed of solar robots that help to compact and crystallise the snow by turning it into ice, then adhering it to the glacier mass. As glaciers´ice melting is the most alarming effect of global warming, the mission of these robots is to help and accelerate the ice formation process on glaciers, allowing them to grow with the addition of snow turned into ice, regaining the mass they have lost as a result of the thaw. “Glaciator’s” ultimate purpose is to raise awareness about climate change, ice-melting and its consequences for the planet.

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1st Antarctic Biennale

Quo Artis Foundation is the producer of the 1º Antarctic Biennale, a supranational and intercultural art project that brought together leading artists from around the world to explore the future of Antarctica and deep oceans through artistic means. The art expedition started in Ushuaia, the southernmost city of our planet, on March 17 2017.

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