Urs Bigler

Urs Bigler

Urs Bigler is Switzerland-based photographer whose practice explores the bodily and the human and their interactions with nature and architecture. His photographs have been exhibited at Retina Scottish International Photography Festival, Edinburgh, UKSwiss Photo Award, Zürich, Switzerland; Cross Country Show, Contemporary Swiss Photography; Photographies L‘ailleurs, PIASA Rive Gauche, Paris, FranceThe Crown, Erarta Gallery, London, UK; Pobeda Gallery, Moscow, Russia and Volta NY, New York, USA. He was awarded the Swiss Photo Award in Architecture in 2015 and has been nominated for the AOP Award in 2022, 2016 and 2015.

More info www.ursbigler.com

Projects in Quo Artis

Galapagos Art and Science Journey

In a global world, territorial limits are fading away. A journey is a central element in any investigation, and today maybe even more, although the reasons seem to be multiple. In our world, the global world, we must take actions to reverse the damage done.