The Foundation

Quo Artis is an international non-profit organization that seeks to generate connections between art, science and technology, acting as a bridge between professionals in these fields.

The foundation curates, organizes and produces exhibitions, expeditions, conferences and workshops, as well as directing the production of projects on request and conducts research related to art and science.

Quo Artis is a member of the Council of the Spanish Foundations for Science (Ministry of Science and Technology) and of the platform “For a Sea without Plastic” (promoted by Greenpeace) and, since its creation, collaborates with professionals and organizations of international reference, such as: MIT MediaLab, City University of London, Biennale di Venezia, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Houston, Festival of Advanced Music Sónar, Watermill Foundation and Berlin School of Mind and Brain, among others.


Investigate and show the work of artists who develop their work at the intersection of art and science. We address a wide, diverse and international audience, in order to contribute to the knowledge and enjoyment of investigative art.


The foundation aims to establish itself as a reference space in the field of art and science, where artists and scientists can meet and develop collaborative networks. Quo Artis wants to contribute to the education of a responsible society, oriented towards a more sustainable future.


  • Sensibility and respect for artists and scientists, for art and science.
  • Collaboration between communities of different backgrounds and professional fields.
  • Contribution to artistic, cultural and social development.
  • Commitment to society through art and science, promoting responsible behaviours with human and non-human agents, as well as with the environment.




Tatiana Kourochkina Co-Founder & President

Marco Agnolin Co-Founder & Vice President

Ricard Jiménez Buendía Board Member – Industrial Scientific Director of Eurecat – Technological Center of Catalonia

Alfonso Rubio Manzanares Board Member – President of bqb & The Quantum Information & CyberseQurity Think Tank

Montserrat Rodríguez Sánchez Secretary – Partner Board of Rodríguez Sánchez Lawyers and Associate Advisors



Tatiana Kourochkina


She has a degree in History from the Russian State University of Humanistic Sciences and subsequently trained at Sotherby´s Art Institute in London. Before creating Quo Artis, Tatiana was the director of the TK gallery in Barcelona, ​​an exhibition space with a cross-cutting theme and of varied genres, interests and techniques, from technology, painting, photography to video-installation or sculpture.


Claudia Machuca

Project Manager

Visual Artist with a major in painting and digital photography (UCH-PUC, Chile). She studied the diploma Museology, Museums and Education (USACH-Chile) and for seven years worked as main coordinator at the Museum of American Popular Art in Chile (MAPA). She studied the Master of Cultural Heritage Management and Museology at the University of Barcelona (Spain). From 2018 to date she works as the project manager of Quo Artis.




Fundación Quo Artis

Email: info@quoartis.org
Phone number: +34 931 258 720

Office: Edificio PALAU DE MAR, Barcelona Tech City – Pier 01, Plaça Pau Vila, 1, planta 3, bloque A, 08003 Barcelona

Legal address: Rambla Catalunya, 115 Bis, 6º B y C
08008 Barcelona



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