Quo Artis at Manifestations Festival. October, 2019

Quo Artis is invited to take part at Manifestations Festival, Eindhoven

19-27 October 2019
Open daily: 11 – 18h
Torenallee 100
5617 BE Eindhoven

In parallel with The Dutch Design Week, Manifestations Festival shows artists who, in a funny, spectacular or controversial way, examine the (miss) matches between people and technology and ask how technology can contribute to a sweeter, more humane world.

In this framework, Quo Artis will show Robotika, The Nannybot, an artwork by Joaquin Fargas. Design and realization: Elia Gasparolo.

Robotika is an Artificially Intelligent robot whose duty is to take care of a baby to preserve the human race. Are we, human beings, able to guarantee the survival of our species? Are we willing to delegate the preservation of Human Species to AI?

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