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Tilling Roots & Seeds: biodiverisity crisis and a better future for agriculture

Open Call for Three Art Research Residencies & One Production Grant

Application submission period: From January 22nd to March 17th, 2024

Results: April 12th, 2024

Duration of the Residency:
Barcelona: a total of 6 weeks divided in 2 stays of 3 weeks each, to be scheduled between November 2024 and May 2025
Bologna: a total of 6 weeks divided in 3 stays of 2 weeks each, to be scheduled between July 2024 and May 2025

Public presentation: On each residency location & Ars Electronica Festival 2025

To access the Open Call please access the official website tillingrootsandseeds.eu

Tilling Roots & Seeds is excited to announce an open call for 4 artistic grants: 1 aimed at the production of an innovative and impactful artwork; 2 research residencies, for a duration of six weeks,  taking place in Italy in collaboration with Alce Nero, mentored by Kilowatt, as well as one research residency taking place in the area of Barcelona, for the duration of one month,  in collaboration with Ferrer Sustainability, Tectum Garden and Fundaci√≥ Catalunya La Pedrera, mentored by Quo Artis.


Projects should address the interconnectedness between planetary health and the evolution of our food systems, with an emphasis on the climate and biodiversity crises through scientific data. We look for artists or art collectives that focus on new narratives or rituals regarding food production and consumption; that work on agroecology and other systemic approaches to agriculture; that engage in transdisciplinary collaborations between disciplines aimed at better imaging the future of food; that look at food production as a practice of care or that experiment practices of re-enchanting the world connected to the care of the land.


We welcome applications from artists and collectives centered around the exploration of land stewardship and the crafting of innovative speculative narratives, critical tools and experimental practices that challenge the status quo of current unsustainable food production and explore new rituals linked to the notion of land-care and propose collective encouragement of local communities of local communities anywhere in Europe. All disciplines are welcome.