Gabino Carballo

Gabino Carballo

Gabino Carballo is a landscape architect and project manager with extensive experience in the promotion of urban biodiversity, the application of nature-based solutions, and green space design and management. He has worked for over sixteen years as an internal consultant for Barcelona's Local Government, where he has led the implementation of naturalization policies and techniques in public spaces across the city. Prior to this he worked on public, corporate and private landscape and garden design, both in Spain and other countries.

He is a regular guest lecturer in various academic institutions and the author of several publications, articles and essays. He is also a board member of the Spanish association of public parks and gardens, and is responsible for its communication and international relations. He has a long-standing interest in art, design and their relationship with urban design and the environment. As an artist, he has worked in the creation and implementation of ephemeral gardens and horticultural installations, and he is now developing biodiversity-based artworks with the collective Epicuro Lab.

Projects in Quo Artis


Epicuro Lab is a collaborative art collective, whose core is composed of an atypical
landscape architect and artist, Gabino Carballo, and an art producer and curator Tatiana Kourochkina, director of Quo Artis.