Gabino Carballo

Gabino Carballo

Gabino is an experienced Landscape Architect and Project Manager with a passion for promoting urban biodiversity and utilizing nature-based solutions. He holds a Degree in Landscape Design by the UCJC (Madrid, Spain), an MA in Landscape Design by the University of Sheffield (UK), and a Master in Project Management by the BES La Salle (Barcelona, Spain). He has over 16 years of experience as an internal consultant for Barcelona's Local Government, where he has successfully led the implementation of naturalization policies and techniques in public spaces throughout the city. His expertise in landscape and garden design extends to both public, corporate, and private projects, both domestically and internationally. He is a respected thought leader in the field and is frequently invited to speak at various forums. He is the author of various publications, articles, and essays, and is a board member of the Spanish Association of Public Parks and Gardens, where he oversees Communication and International Relations; and he also sits at the World Urban Parks board.

With a keen interest in the intersection of art, science, design, and the environment, Gabino is also known for his experimental ephemeral garden installations and horticultural creations. He is currently working with the collective Epicuro Lab to develop biodiversity-based artworks and interventions that explore both social and environmental issues.

Projects in Quo Artis


Epicuro Lab is a collaborative art collective, whose core is composed of an atypical
landscape architect and artist, Gabino Carballo, and an art producer and curator Tatiana Kourochkina, director of Quo Artis.