Epicuro Lab is a collaborative art collective, whose core is composed of an atypical
landscape architect and artist, Gabino Carballo, and an art producer and curator
Tatiana Kourochkina, director of Quo Artis. The collective was created in 2022, after
the two collaborated in the project Roots & Seeds XXI - Biodiversity Crisis and Plant Resistance. 

With a multidisciplinary approach, Epicuro Lab works in the field of urban ecology,
where nature is controlled by humans, often too controlled. Epicuro Lab creates
ephemeral works and expands knowledge related to biodiversity in the urban
environment. Departing from the phenomenon of plant allelopathy, Epicuro Lab
started their collaborative work together with Claudia Schnugg in the workshop
Community Alellopathy, in the framework of Roots&Seeds XXI’s participation in
Ars Electronica, in September 2022.

It is well known that certain plants are not compatible with others, while certain
combinations of plants reinforce each other. This is due to a phenomenon called
allelopathy, the biological capacity of plants to produce biochemical compounds that
influence the development and survival of other organisms. These substances,
capable of exerting behavioral effects on other organisms, are called allelochemical
compounds and can have beneficial or detrimental effects. This mechanism serves
to regulate plant populations in plant communities and even the presence of certain

During the Community Alellopathy workshop, participants were able to use local plants from a certified nursery, and were also encouraged to bring their own plants. With all of
this material, the workshops created projections (more or less viable or fantastic)
about the influence of human culture in the creation of future plant communities.

Find more information about the first workshop conducted by Epicuro Lab here

Stay tuned for more activities to expand your knowledge on biodiversity, urban ecology, and more


Gabino Carballo

Gabino Carballo is a landscaper and expert in the management of urban parks and
gardens. He currently collaborates with Quo Artis.