Ars Automatica – Quo Artis curates NEO at CosmoCaixa. 17 February, 2023

February 17, 2023

Hosted by: CosmoCaixa Science Museum and curated by Quo Artis
Date: Friday, 17 February, 2023
Time: 7 p.m - 11 p.m
Location: CosmoCaixa Science Museum, C. d’Isaac Newton 26, 08022 Barcelona
Language: Catalan and Spanish

Quo Artis has been invited to curate the first NEO edition of 2023, Ars Automatica that will take place on February 17 in Cosmocaixa Science Museum in Barcelona from 7pm to 11pm.

NEO is a project by CosmoCaixa that gathers different scientific and technological disciplines to bring you closer to the great challenges of today through the most innovative artistic forms and practices.

Through Ars Automatica Quo Artis would like to raise questions about the role played by machines, and in particular by digital technologies, in the shaping of today's artistic practices. Are digital media still mere instruments at the service of artists or have they finally acquired creative autonomy? In order to investigate these questions, we will share three different modalities of human-machine collaborations, prominent in the most advanced artistic scene: the duet between Marco Mezquida and an artificial intelligence system, a generative audiovisual installation by Santi Vilanova and the live coding for the generation of music and visuals, by Linalab and Turbulente. In order to facilitate the understanding and discussion of the proposals presented, each piece will be preceded by a conversation.

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Hipatia Room

7 pm - 10 pm. Forms - Screen Ensemble (2020), by Santi Vilanova (on loop).

This installation is a generative jukebox. Guided by randomness and probability, this automaton creates endless and unrepeatable graphic scores that are immediately transformed into sound by means of sonification algorithms. Images become sound spectrums, making it possible to -literally- hear what you see. The dream of Kandinski. Each screen of this networked ensemble plays a particular instrumental role: Rhythm, Harmony or Texture.


7 pm. Live coding with Linalab (music) and Turbulente (visuals).

This duo of young and experienced live coders has prepared a concert specifically for the technical conditions of the CosmoCaixa planetarium. Live coding involves writing and editing live the computer code that generates the music and the visuals, and showing this code to the audience, so that they can get an idea (even if they have no computing skills) of how the piece they are witnessing is generated.

Agora Room

8 pm. Conversation on Piano + AI, with Marco Mezquida and Antònia Folguera. Pianist Marco Mezquida will be in conversation with Philipe Salembier, an expert in image processing, and Antònia Folguera, an expert in art and digital culture, about Piano + AI.


9 pm. Concert Piano + IA, by Marco Mezquida (piano), Philippe Salembier (programming), Josep Maria Comajuncosa (programming) and Ivan Paz (programming).

The young piano virtuoso Marco Mezquida plays a duet with an artificial intelligence system programmed by UPC and CITM researchers Philippe Salembier, Josep Maria Comajuncosa and Ivan Paz. In this human-machine duet, the pianist and the AI listen to each other and react to each other's stimuli. A co-creation project of SONAR, the UPC and with the collaboration of ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya).


10 pm . Live coding with Linalab (music) and Turbulente (visuals).


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