30.07.2022 · 18:30 · 

Transmedia Research Institute

Quo Artis has organised a workshop with UMANESIMO ARTIFICIALE and their Transmedia Research Institute's Summer School, conducted by Quo Artis’s first artist-in-residency Margherita Pevere, in the framework of Roots and Seeds XXI. The workshop will reflect on the use of biotechnology in times of unstable ecologies.

Today's challenges are characterized by increasing complexity, exemplified by the recent Italian water crisis. While remaining distinct phenomena, ecological complexity and biotechnologies pose transversal questions about today: in order to address them, specialized knowledge must be accompanied by transdisciplinary thinking and method. What role should be given to artistic research in this context?

Departing from her recent "Semina Aeternitatis" and the current research project "unframing death", developed with Quo Artis, Pevere will present the idea of ​​"the art of vulnerability" as an art-based method of investigation. Participants will be invited to reflect critically on the “performativity” of materials, biotechnologies and biological processes through the use of maps, drawings, and poetic writing.

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